Tuesday, January 15, 2008

State Pay List Going Up Soon


State Pay List Going Up Soon



State Auditor Glen Gainer says he hopes to have the salaries of all state employees posted on his website by the end of the month. Last year's initial posting caused quite a stir in state government.
Gainer says it's public information and it's information that has always been available through his office. He says deciding to put the salaries on the Internet is just another step toward becoming a more transparent state government.
Auditor Gainer says his staff is currently working through W-2 forms from last year and some other information. He says that will have to be completed first before the salaries go up on the net.
Gainer says the information was very popular last year, but only for a very short period of time. He says the listing accounted for only a fifth of the increased activity on his office' s website in 2007.
He maintains there aren't many secrets in state government when it comes to what people make. Gainer says his office would receive requests for the information each quarter by some employees.
Gainer says he didn't hear of any morale problems caused by the 2007 posting. He believes it can help more than hurt.
"Particularly as agency's give pay raises now, knowing that it is going to be easily accessible, it hopefully causes them to stop and think about the things they are doing, that they are doing for the right reasons," Gainer said.

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