Friday, November 2, 2007

Randall Reid-Smith is an ASSHOLE

02 November 2007

Another Head Rolls At Culture & History
State Archives and History Director Fred Armstrong was fired Thursday, after more than 20 years heading that office and nearly 30 years in W.Va. government, The Charleston Gazette reports.Armstrong told the Gazette that Culture and History Commissioner Randall Reid-Smith axed him with a letter that noted "that as a will and pleasure employee, he can be terminated at any time without cause.""Armstrong said Reid-Smith’s letter concluded by ordering him to 'vacate the building immediately,' and said he was offended to be escorted out of the building by a security officer," the article said."For all these years, I could be trusted with all the state’s valuable records ... but when it comes time to leave, they have to have a security guard escort me," Armstrong told the paper.Armstrong speculates that his firing may stem from "administration proposals to convert the archives library in the Cultural Center into a cafĂ©/gift shop," though he tells the Gazette he's never taken a public position on the proposal.


Anonymous said...

It's now late November 2010 and Commissioner Randall Reid-Smith has damaged more of the history and culture of West Virginia than any other person alive. He took Blair Mountain off the National Register, "Friend of Coal" he likes to advertise with his car bumper sticker. He has his silly (Disney Land) or is it (Never Never Land) state museum in Charleston and he has the exhibit space up for sale. What a wacko!
He should have an "Enemy of Culture and History" bumper sticker. That would be more truthful.
He is a reflection of those who are keeping him in control of the West Virginia Division of Culture and History.

Anonymous said...

Even more amazing, it is now March 8, 2011, "li'l-hyphen" is still "kommissioner."

What the heck is going on here?

Does he have "the dirt" on someone? Riding around as a youngster in his mother's pink "Mary Kay Cadillac" may have put him front and center in the heart of Charleston's gossip scene. (Just my speculation.)

Did his mother give significant money to the politicians to keep him employed?

Sorry, he has also ruined one of my favorite songs, "Country Roads." "…teardrop in my eye."

Anonymous said...

Now December 3, 2011.

Randall Reid-Smith is still getting very bad press for being a very bad administrator.